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Rate My Dog!

Where All Dogs Are Top Rate!

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Welcome to ratemydog! This is a photo-intensive community dedicated to themed weekly dog photo contests. Our goal is to have fun, and to enjoy sharing our furry friends with one another.

** Membership will be approved by a mod, but you generally will not wait more than 24 hours. This is simply to filter out troublemakers. Note: We may not/will not approve role-playing journals (unless it's for a dog), icon journals, known spammers/assholes or suspect journals! Brand-new journals or journals with just a few entries may not be approved. If you are rejected and don't think you should have been, please message one of the mods. Politeness is appreciated!

** What We Do: Every week we have a photo contest. The theme will be announced on Mondays. Following that, members may post an entry to the community with ONE picture (any excess is fine, but they must be under a cut.) that they have taken that represents the theme. The theme will run until Friday, and voting will begin on Saturday morning. The winner will be announced Sunday night.

** When you post a theme week entry:
-- Please simply put "Theme Week: Your Dog's Name" in the subject line. This keeps things much easier for me when voting time comes around. You MUST put your dog's name in the subject line.
-- Please also tag your theme week entry as "theme week".
-- Non-theme week posts of any sort relating to dogs are just fine. This is a dog community after all.
-- Photos that have won past theme weeks should not be re-entered.
-- Members who have won theme weeks MAY participate in the following week's theme.

** Obviously, when voting, do not vote for your own entry.

** Historically, members were recquired to post an application before being accepted to the community. I still highly encourage posting an application, but we will think of it as an Introduction now. This can be found at the bottom of the user info page. This is so we can get to know new members. Please post your application under a livejournal cut.

**Any questions or concerns can be sent to lemmingpie in the form of an LJ message, or you may e-mail me at fiver753@yahoo.com.
Please be patient with me while I sort of various rules, and re-structure this community. I used to have a great time maintaining this, and I'm hoping things can become just as fun as they used to be. I'd like to get an organized tags system going, but that will come in time.


Current Theme: "Theme Repeat - Dog Paws"!

**Theme Week Archive**


Owner Info:

Pet Info:
Favorite Pastime:
Favorite Toy:
Any disabilities?:
Arrival Story (optional):
Departure Story (optional):
Pictures (at least one clear face shot and one clear body shot):

**Please notice!! If you do not place your pictures in excess of ONE picture under a cut, I will delete your post. This community is extremely photo heavy, and it is appreciated to keep people's friend's pages and loading times to a minimum.
If you do not know how to use an lj-cut, please PM lemmingpie, or please visit Livejournal's Directions on using a Cut.

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